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White Desk Mat gives my desk a better texture!

It didn't let me down.
Aim Monster's White Desk Mat has several advantages:
- The mouse works very well on it.
- It's stiff enough so I can write on it.
- Its edge is so smooth that I barely notice it.
- It doesn't have an unpleasant pungent smell.
- It's pure white so I can easily find little things on it.

Although it is high quality, it also has some disadvantages:
- It's still a bit small even though I chose the largest size.
- Dirt is easier to see on it. (but I can be more targeted for cleaning)

By the way, I got it and it didn't cost me a cent.
It's an award of GCG's zombie escape server in CSGO!
It's a great server that I hope more people can join it! (

Quality Gaming Mat - Thoughts

This review is biased as I am an admin for GCG which is affiliated with Aim Monster. Here is my honest opinion.
Quality - 10/10. No frayed edges, quality material, and sturdy/ sharp print.
Feel - 8/10 Feels fine, no static or loose stitching.
Price - 8/10 Price for the mat is very good but shipping to Australia was pricy. Not something that can be changed tho.
Image - 10/10 I love how unique the pieces are, it's hard to find with everyone trying to be the same.
Size - 7-10 I'd pay extra for an even larger one if possible but for the size, I got its good value.

Would I recommend it? - If you already have a gaming mat then No, but if you need a new one then now's the time.

Premium quality

Wow I like this mousemat, never seen this good quality mousemat ever in my country lol
Heres my review
- Premium quality
- Mousemat is thick , smooth and confortableto use
- the preview on this post is the same as the actual item i love the image quality printed too
- surface is smooth and good for flicking

Worth it 10/10
Totally satisfied of the results!

GhostCap Esports Cotton Tee
Fong Jia Le
Good Quality

shirt arrived in good condition and the materials used was topnotch. Size was also perfect from the description and the designs really suit me. See ya around in my new shirt.

Good Quality Gaming Desk Mat

Good and Smooth Quality Gaming Desk Mat, Bigger than I expected and totally worth the price!

Ravenskull - Gaming Desk Mat
Jordan Satya Hadikusuma
High qualilty Deskmat !

The quality of the deskmat is really good it fit with my computer setup, i bought the largest size and the illustration/image quality is still very good with high details. Really recommended, This is NOT your average deskmat ! It's on different level !